HEART is Hiring: Director of Shared Housing Staff Program

See the full job description in the PDF below:

HEART Director of Shared Housing Staff Program Job Description_5.15.2023

Please also complete this chart below and submit the information with your resume and cover letter to [email protected] no later than Monday, June 12, 2023 at 5pm.



Summary of job description (see pdf at the top of this post for the full description):


HEART is a joint powers authority (JPA) and a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and increasing the supply of affordable housing in San Mateo County. HEART’s principal mission is to provide financing for the acquisition, construction, preservation, and rehabilitation of affordable housing. It also provides housing development advisory services for school districts and other affordable housing developers, and operates a first-time homebuyer program. HEART is launching several new programs, including the Shared Housing Staff Program designed to provide housing staff resources to cities in San Mateo County.


This is a managerial position under the direction of the Executive Director responsible for HEART’s multi-city Shared Housing Staff Program. The incumbent will provide and direct HEART staff with the planning, development, organization, negotiation and management of housing activities for several cities in San Mateo County. The incumbent and staff will manage the work program of city housing divisions; recommend policies and serve as project managers for affordable housing developments funded by cities; create and implement affordable housing programs; engage city and other public agencies in the implementation of housing activities and programs; support and team with other city staff working on related issues and perform related duties as required for cities. This position involves training, recruitment, and supervision of professional staff.

As an employee of HEART, this is an “at-will” position. The incumbent serves at the discretion of the Executive Director. The incumbent in this position demonstrates strong ethical, professional, and service-oriented leadership and interpersonal skills; and sets a good example. The position allows for one remote, work from home day per week.



This description may not include all the duties listed below, nor do the examples cover all duties that may be performed.


In consultation with peers, supervisors, and cities, establishes objectives, priorities and schedules for affordable housing programs and activities.

Assigns new projects, monitors/manages staff workload, and creates procedures/guidelines to improve operations.

Maintains monitoring and reporting systems to ensure the adequacy, quality and timeliness of program work.

Manages, trains, and evaluates the work of staff.



Plans, organizes, and implements cities’ efforts to develop new affordable housing.

Manages housing programs and projects including project budgets.

Manages inclusionary housing programs

Develops specifications and prepares requests for proposals for City housing funds.

Reviews and evaluates affordable housing proposals and makes recommendations regarding project selection to the City Council.

Prepares and negotiates contracts and participates in making recommendations for the use of housing funds.

Meets and negotiates with housing developers, investors, and businesses to determine project scope and provide technical assistance, as well as promote development in the City.

Manages the plan approval process for City housing development projects, including coordinating affordable housing projects with the Planning Division Staff.

Monitors the development, construction, and implementation phases of affordable housing projects to ensure contract compliance.

Develop an awareness of current trends in housing financing methods and seek out financing sources and public/private partnerships for the construction of affordable housing.

Works with governmental and private agencies at all levels to secure funding for development programs.

Maintains effective working relationship with public and private lending sources and prepare loan applications when appropriate.

Reviews and prepares draft comments on proposed Federal, State, and local regulations and their prospective impact on department programs. Suggests alternative courses of actions as applicable.

Advises city staff on necessary actions, problems, or requirements.

Represents the City’s Housing Department at various meetings and negotiations.

Attends meetings and makes presentations to City staff, City Councils, administrators, and various private and community organizations to discuss project status.

Prepares reports involving research, analysis, writing, and presentations.

Manages ongoing compliance activities, including monitoring of regulatory agreements and administration of the City’s affordable housing loan portfolio.

Solicits, selects, contracts with, and manages consultants.

Uses computer applications, prepares memos, and procedural documentation.

Performs other related duties as assigned.




  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, or a related field
  • At least four (4) years of progressively responsible public or private experience in urban planning, business administration, public administration, housing finance and development, or redevelopment; with some supervisory experience
  • A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the above fields may be substituted for one year of the required experience
  • Familiarity with computer software programs commonly used by cities, such as Windows Office
  • Experience working in the Housing Division of a public sector Community Development or Planning Department is desirable.


Possession of a valid Class C California driver’s license is required at the time of application and for the duration of employment.


Work remotely at various city offices across San Mateo County.

Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job assignment.


Knowledge of:

  • Principles, practices and methods as applied to city planning, and development;
  • Federal, State and local regulations dealing with land use and development;
  • Real estate financing, development, marketing and administration of affordable housing;
  • Research methods and statistical analysis;
  • Negotiation techniques and strategies;
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution practices and techniques;
  • Project and workload planning;
  • Principles and practices of management including fundamentals of budgeting and accounting systems;
  • Principals, practices and methods of grant administration, federal grant entitlement programs, housing, redevelopment programs and rehabilitation programs;
  • Environmental and safety principles, practices, procedures and standards; and
  • Office safety practices, procedures and standards.

Ability to:

  • Identify, research and evaluate relevant information and statistical data from variety of sources;
  • Draw conclusions and project consequences of decisions and recommendations; Develop creative and practical solutions to complex and difficult problems;
  • Identify policy issues and work with staff to develop options and recommend solutions;
  • Prepare and present clear, concise and complex written and oral reports;
  • Communicate logically and clearly, both orally and in writing;
  • Make presentations before commissions and committees;
  • Review housing development and redevelopment proposals;
  • Negotiate agreements with developers and consultants;
  • Read building plans;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work including staff, developers and consultants and the general public;
  • Exercise independent judgment and initiative with minimal supervision;
  • Work effectively in time-sensitive situations and meet deadlines;
  • Coordinate multiple projects and complex tasks simultaneously;
  • Supervise and review the work of employees engaged in the administration of projects and projects; and
  • Use computer software such as Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.
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