Bay Area Air Quality Management District Climate Protection Grant to HEART for ADUs


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District recently awarded HEART $296,000 in climate protection funding to develop designs for green accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that homeowners can download for free and build on their property.

ADUs (sometimes known as second units or granny flats) are smaller than a primary structure in terms of size and can be built inside the main home, attached to it or even as a detached structure. This project is an excellent opportunity to reduce greenhouse gases as well as criteria pollutants in San Mateo County and we are grateful for this support!


Even though these ADUs will inherently save energy due to their size and eliminate direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by eliminating all natural gas appliances, there are many other ways these ADUs will be green. We anticipate that the plans will specify that all appliances be ENERGY STAR© rated. On-site renewable energy systems will also help reduce dependence on external fuel sources. Designs will also examine other ways to conserve or reuse resources in the building process.