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Housing Placement and Stabilization

Case managers work with clients to explore what contributed to their housing instability and address those issues. They provide support with housing applications, qualification for housing programs, and work closely with landlords to create more housing opportunities for our clients.

Coordinated Entry System (CES)

Samaritan House administers San Mateo County’s Coordinated Entry System program – a county-wide collaborative initiative which includes all 7 Core Service Agencies. This program was designed to streamline and prioritize access of limited resources for the most vulnerable San Mateo County residents seeking homelessness services. Every individual in need of somewhere to sleep in San Mateo County is referred through Samaritan House to an appropriate shelter.

The main objective of this program is to divert clients from shelter and best utilize shelter space available, when possible. Using all available resources, we support them in helping solve their housing crisis.

Shelter Services

Samaritan House operates three shelters throughout San Mateo County to provide immediate and interim housing for those in need. Safety, warmth, sustenance, and healthcare are the essentials we start with to help homeless individuals become self-sufficient. Comprehensive, personalized case management and services include: counseling, Redi-clinic care, meals, job search assistance/ financial coaching and assistance, housing referrals, transportation assistance, and various community gatherings to encourage socializing and to build clients’ self-esteem.

Need housing assistance or shelter? Reach out to Samaritan House client services at (650) 347-3648.

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