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Building Accessory Dwelling Units is now easier and more affordable thanks to GLADUR – your Green and Livable Accessory Dwelling Unit Resource, a product of HEART of San Mateo County.

Made possible by an award for climate protection funding by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, HEART provides designs for green, all-electric detached ADUs that can be downloaded by the public at no cost.

Saving you design costs and months of design development time, HEART’s investment allows homeowners to focus their expenditures on improved energy efficiency and renewable energy options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills. Share GLADUR with others; view and download our program flyer.


Please note we require all visitors to complete a User Agreement in order to view and use the GLADUR Construction Documents, at no cost to you.


Pre-Reviewed Cities / County

To further make it easier to build green ADUs, HEART is partnering with local jurisdictions to pre-review the designs so as to reduce approval times for homeowners and to streamline the permitting process.

View the jurisdictions which have partnered with HEART, the pre-review process, and specific City requirements on the Pre-Review webpage.



GLADUR Handbook

HEART’s comprehensive green ADU handbook provides key information and resources, highlighting how environmentally friendly ADUs improve the living experience for occupants while also contributing to the collective mission in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Homeowners will learn about sustainable features, building materials, and other innovative ways to design and build green ADUs.

This handbook also provides homeowners with background information on environmental and livability issues for their consideration.

While homeowners can use the handbook to guide their usage and even customization of the GLADUR designs, this handbook can be used independently of the GLADUR designs by all homeowners.





Project History


With over 2 years invested in creating GLADUR, HEART is proud to provide these free construction plans, a comprehensive handbook, and a quicker permitting process through key City/County partnerships. Each step in the design and development process was inspired and consistently enhanced by strong public participation, industry expertise, and local government guidance. We illustrate for you both the milestones and outreach conducted to offer you these innovative tools.

To see more details about each milestone, please visit the Project Timeline page.

Project Milestone Timeline

Project Timeline for Community Engagement


Additional Resources

Learn more about GLADUR and ADUs.

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