Project Timeline

The Green and Livable Accessory Dwelling Unit Resource (GLADUR) project timeline highlights HEART’s leadership and investment in building this community resource as an additional option to add to the affordable housing inventory in San Mateo County. Our dedication to excellence and fostering community partnerships can be seen in the major milestones presented in this timeline.

Nov 2018

Climate Protection Grant Awarded

  • HEART is awarded a $296,000 grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) for their Climate Protection Grant in order to fund the creation of GLADUR.

Advisory Committee Formed

  • HEART convenes an advisory committee of key community stakeholders to address local needs and provide technical knowledge. Stakeholders included local industry experts, architects, local elected officials, city building and planning staff, as well as local ADU policy and design experts.

Public Participation Website Launched

  • HEART creates a comprehensive website to engage with the public and to provide information and project progress. With idea walls, surveys, and feedback requests on the various components of GLADUR designs and sustainability features, the website received dozens of responses, guiding the design and delivery process.

Public Open Houses are Hosted

  • HEART hosts two interactive events open to the public, soliciting feedback, answering questions and providing information about GLADUR to over 60 attendees. The open houses were hosted in Millbrae and Redwood City to increase accessibility for residents living in either the Northern or Southern parts of San Mateo County.

April 2019

Architectural Firm is Hired

  • Following a thorough RFP process, which drew in a multitude of candidates, the Advisory Committee hired OpenScope Studio as the architect firm. 

Schematic Designs are Created

  • HEART and OpenScope Studio works closely with the Advisory Committee and environmental consultant Douglas Kolozsvari of Solutions 2050, to create schematic designs for four layouts and two architectural styles that deeply incorporated public feedback.

Jan 2020

Public Showcases are Hosted 

  • HEART showcases to 115 attendees the schematic designs, providing introductory information about green and sustainable features, as well as answering questions about GLADUR’s progress. 
  • Hosted in South San Francisco and San Carlos, for accessibility to residents living in either the Northern or Southern part of San Mateo County, the open houses provided a platform for deep community engagement..

August 2020

Construction Documents are Created

  • HEART and OpenScope Studio update the schematic designs, transforming them into full construction documents that incorporate public input and guidance from the Advisory Committee and consultants.

Collaborative Multi-Jurisdiction Pre-Review Process is Designed 

  • HEART partners with local jurisdictions to design a process that enables a quick permitting process for GLADUR designs. This pilot phase includes 4-5 cities. The most current list of participating jurisdictions can be viewed here.

March 2021

Handbook Created 

  • HEART designs a comprehensive handbook, providing detailed guidance on green and sustainable options while also linking readers to existing resources on ADUs. Environmental consultant Douglas Kolozsvari provided content and guidance and Bowen Close provided graphic design services. 

Designs are Finalized

  • HEART finalizes the construction documents with OpenScope following an iterative process that included input from local jurisdictions. The construction documents are available in PDF or CAD format, and can be utilized anywhere in California.

May 2021

Designs and Handbook are Published

  • HEART makes all GLADUR tools available to the public at no cost, easily accessed via the website: 

Fall 2021 – Looking Forward

Collaborative Multi-Jurisdiction Pre-Revew Process Continues 

  • HEART continues leading the joint effort with local jurisdictions to establish a defined process for approvals of GLADUR plans, focusing on jurisdictions within San Mateo County. The most current list of participating jurisdictions can be viewed here.

Continuous Development 

  • HEART will update the designs and handbook to address the latest State and local regulations and codes, as funding and capacity allow.
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