Who We Are

HEART works as a community loan fund to create more affordable homes in San Mateo County

Public/Private Partnership:

  • HEART is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • All of the cities in San Mateo County, and the County itself, pay dues to belong to HEART and work together to create more affordable housing throughout the County. The City of Daly City is not a member.

Board of Directors and Management

  • The board is made up of eleven elected officials from the cities and Board of Supervisors and ten members of the private sector.
  • The Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County provides staff to HEART on a contract basis, and the County of San Mateo Department of Housing provides program management and oversight.
  • All staffing is paid for by dues from the member cities and the County, with supplemental support from foundations.

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