Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center


(650) 513-0330



1670 S Amphlett Blvd UNIT 115, San Mateo, CA 94402


To best address the needs of the community, PCRC intends to provide long-term and tailored support to four critical areas of a partnering community – high needs neighborhoods, corresponding schools, jails, and key workplaces.

PCRC offers the following services to San Mateo County residents:

  • Transformation
    • Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center’s mediation services have a transformative impact on individuals, families, and workplaces. By providing a neutral and structured environment for communication and conflict resolution, PCRC empowers individuals to express their concerns, understand the perspectives of others, and collaboratively find solutions.
  • Families and Parents
    • For many families in need of additional support in engaging with school services, PCRC is the necessary link between families and schools. We provide trainings and guidance to parents who require assistance in navigating the complexities of the school system, accessing health care and connecting with local services and resources.
  • Businesses
    • PCRC works with businesses to provide training in areas such as communication skills, conflict resolution and meeting management. We can help plan and facilitate staff retreats or networking and outreach efforts. When challenges arise with customers or business associates, between co-workers or among work teams, we can assist with dispute resolution.
  • Individuals
    • Based on the belief that people can solve their own problems, PCRC empowers individuals with tools and processes to address challenges collaboratively while preserving relationships. We provide neutral, facilitative support in a variety of situations to help individuals consider their goals, reach out to others, communicate their interests effectively and find mutually acceptable resolutions to their concerns. If training is needed, we help with skills and capacity building. Throughout our work, we maintain strict confidentiality.

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