HEART’s 2019 Annual Event Raises Over $115K

Networking at Devil’s Canyon Brewery

Thanks to our sponsors, including Facebook, Silicon Valley Bank, and 36 others below.

HEART raised over $115,000 for affordable housing in San Mateo County.


Armando Sanchez, HEART Executive Director



We heard from HEART Executive Director Armando Sanchez,  San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy, Facebook Strategic Initiatives Manager Maya Perkins, San Mateo Council Member Rick Bonilla, and the former Mayor of Foster City Pam Frisella.

Maya Perkins, Facebook Strategic Initiatives Manager




Over 30 elected officials attended from 17 different jurisdictions.

More two dozen staff from 7 cities and the County of San Mateo also attended the event.

View all 40 photos from the event here.


East Palo City Council Member Larry Moody and San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy
San Mateo Council Member Rick Bonilla








Please view all 38 sponsors of our 2019 Annual Networking and Fundraising Event below.

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